About Us

  Our band, The Fancy Boys, has had many influences. The Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks Band, Phish, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Meters, and Buddy Guy have definitly played a part in our musical growth, along with many others. We are different from other bands because we sound much older than we actually are and we are very tight. We are able to get people of all ages excited and dancing, and the first time people see us, they are pleasantly shocked. We played on the kids' stage at Wicker Park Fest, and drew people away from the main stage. We draw a crowd wherever we play. 

  Ian, our talented lead guitarist, who is mainly self-taught, started playing open jams a few years ago and was picked up by an older blues band. He recently had an opportunity to play with some seasoned players this year and was the only one in that group with whom Dickie Betts soloed. After playing with adults for about two years, Ian sought out talent at his Chicago Public School. He found a few talented kids, and the band began to take off.

  The kids entered a contest and took second to the home school, realizing that they actually had something. At a fund raiser, they met Spencer, from a different Chicago Public School. 

  Spencer played guitar until his teacher caught him playing bass lines on the top four strings, and encouraged him to play bass in eighth grade. He is now one of the best young bass players in Chicago. He plays in a Ravinia group with Brian.

  Brian played in a different band with Spencer and was enthusiastic about joining The Fancy Boys. He had played in School of Rock and toured with the All-Stars, so he was  a talented guitarist and a great fit for our band. 

  Angie also played with Brian and Spencer, played in School of Rock, toured as an All-Star, and with her amazing voice, was a great addition for vocals.

  Our youngest member, Luke, is a natural, mind-blowing drummer, and has added energetic, soulful rhythm to our music.

Our newest member, Josh, in an incredible keyboardist who fits right in with the band!

Our horn section joins for larger gigs. Manny, Walter, and Andrew add some great funky sound. 

  We've come together to create an amazing band! Please check us out!!!!!

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